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3 Leadership Lessons Wonder Woman Can Teach Female Entrepreneurs

3 Leadership Lessons Wonder Woman Can Teach Female Entrepreneurs

by Manuela
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Golden tiara on and shield in hand, Wonder Woman propelled to the top of the box office during the movie’s opening weekend. For more than 75 years, Wonder Woman has been idolized by women of all ages and backgrounds; however, she was never given the chance to be the lead of her own live-action movie until now. And to say the stakes for her success were high—both from a studio and fan standpoint—is putting it lightly.

Even though Wonder Woman may have been largely flying solo in the boy’s club of big screen comic book adaptations, she wasn’t going to back down. Instead, she was going to rewrite the rules. Women everywhere saw themselves in that warrior and demigoddess lighting up the silver screen and smashing the box office glass ceiling—and that’s exactly how it should be.

Strong, determined, and brilliant, Wonder Woman is actually the perfect role model for female entrepreneurs navigating today’s modern business world, determined to leave their mark behind. Women who feel like they’re struggling or hitting roadblocks should take a cue from some of the superheroine’s greatest leadership lessons.

Body language is key

The next time you’re about to head into a meeting you’re nervous about, take a moment to assume the “Wonder Woman stance”—and yes, this is a real thing.

During her 2012 TED Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy reflects on how body language communicates so much of who we are to others. Sweeping judgments are often made by how we are poised, which ultimately affects the way we build trust with people. She cites the Wonder Woman stance as a power pose that enables confidence and inspires a person to be more present and authentic in how they communicate.

Remember that body language can say quite a bit about the kind of leader you are, so pay attention to your mannerisms. Stand up straight, make direct eye contact, think before you speak, and walk into a room with confidence.

Embrace challenges

Female small business owners know firsthand that entrepreneurship is full of challenges. Despite the fact that women are responsible for making or influencing 85% of consumer purchases, according to a CrunchBase study, they only receive 10% or less in venture capital funding; in another report, that number drops to 3%.

Women have a choice to accept this or to keep pushing to perform better and build diverse companies that create strong returns on investment. Much like Wonder Woman has, persist in the face of a challenge, surround yourself with a team that will empower and inspire you, and continue to seek out those who can aid your brand.

Always keep learning

When Diana, AKA Wonder Woman, first begins her warrior training, her mother is not supportive of the decision. For a time, Diana trains in secret with her aunt until her mother finds out what’s going on and eventually comes around to embrace the decision.

From day one, Wonder Woman knew she wanted to be a warrior and was determined to learn all that she could in order to fulfill her destiny. The exact same can be said for female entrepreneurs. Look for ways in which you can consistently keep learning and expanding on your natural talents. Rather than try to fit the mold of what everyone else does, champion what makes you unique, and keep finessing those qualities. Work hard, be optimistic, and it will reflect off of you in everything you do, making you the superheroine of your own life.

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