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3 Marketing Automation Predictions Every Marketer Needs to Know

3 Marketing Automation Predictions Every Marketer Needs to Know

by spainops
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The other day, a prospect was asking me about the upcoming marketing trends for 2017. Marketo has developed an informative article based off of a session at the 11th annual SiriusDecisions Summit entitled: Marketing Automation: What the Future Holds. This article and summit session outline predicted the automated marketing trends for the upcoming year.

Seventy-four percent of marketers say converting leads is their top priority. Thanks to marketing automation, marketers can collect specific data to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Here’s a quick peek at my top three marketing automation predictions for 2017:

1. Personalization Will Expand

With the prominence of account-based marketing (ABM), creating a specific and personalized marketing strategy, the importance of personalization will expand throughout all automated marketing efforts. Personalization in marketing has become a norm as buyers are more likely to respond to personalized calls-to-action. The way that buyers and clients are choosing products and companies to work with is changing, and so too will marketing strategies.

Tip: Develop personalized content marketing strategies and create a more personalized user experience across your various platforms. Utilizing the correct marketing automation technologies can make this process much easier.

2. Data Scientists Will Become a Necessity for Marketing Agencies

Marketers have long realized the importance of mathematics and science in their chosen field of work. But until now, the mathematics has been easily deciphered through normalized statistics and references. Analytics have changed the way we measure our marketing strengths and weaknesses; simple observations will no longer do.

Tip: If your company has the means to employ a data scientist, this expert can look at analytics and tell you why an issue is arising, or why one marketing method is working so much better than others. If your company doesn’t have the funds to hire an analytics expert, there are methods and tools that a marketer can utilize to learn which analytics matter to their marketing strategies.

3. It’s a Buyer-Focused World

To run successful marketing campaigns, marketers must develop the skills to closely analyze buyer behaviors and interactions with their content.

Tip: Developing engaging, personal, and meaningful communication with buyers builds a layer of trust. These meaningful connections can be cultivated across a variety of platforms, but solid PR, advertising, email marketing, and a social media presence draws attention back to your company repeatedly.

Modern marketers have more tools to utilize than ever before to create unbelievably cunning and efficient marketing campaigns, especially with the implementation of marketing automation technologies. If a marketer can successfully analyze data and use the results to amplify their existing marketing strategy, our industry will go as far as our imaginations can take us.

Focus on creating personalized, buyer-focused content, and the results will show in your lead to customer transition numbers.

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