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35 life lessons we learned from classic Disney princesses

35 life lessons we learned from classic Disney princesses

by spainops
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Wise Disney princesses just chillin.

Image: mashable composite: disney

When life gets tough, keep calm and watch Disney princess movies.

In addition to the universal lessons taught by all classic Disney princess films, such as animals (or talking teapots, tea cups and other furniture) are legit the greatest friends on earth and perhaps life is better if you break out into random song 🤔  — the leading female characters have provided us with a trove of invaluable romance, fashion and general life advice.

No matter how old you get, something can always be learned from these eight simplistically animated, beautifully bad-ass women that shaped us as children.

Here are 35 lessons that really resonate with us:

Snow White 

  • Having a solid group of trusted friends (maybe seven or so) is very important. #SquadGoals

  • Be extremely cautious when accepting food from strangers.

  • It’s important to make work fun. Try whistling, I guess.

  • Don’t let mirrors run your life.


  • Don’t let the haters get you down.

  • Sewing is a pretty badass skill to have.

  • Hard work pays off.

  • Always keep track of your shoes on a big night out…or don’t, I guess, on the off chance you might meet someone.

  • Definitely be sure to secure a ride home that won’t change into a pumpkin.


  • Stay away from spinning wheels, they’re very dangerous.

  • Beauty rest is very important, but don’t waste your life sleeping.

  • Clutch a rose while you’re catching some zzz’s if you’re trying to look dainty AF.

  • Never underestimate the power of a good kiss — true love conquers all.


  • In the event of a hair emergency, a brush can most definitely be substituted for a dinglehopper — err, a fork.

  • Your voice is powerful beyond measure.

  • Parents can be over-protective sometimes but they likely have your best interests at heart.

  • Curiosity can lead to great opportunities.


  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • If you meet a guy that eats five dozen eggs every morning to help him “get large,” there’s a good chance he might be a narcissistic villain.

  • Beauty is skin deep — get to know people for what’s on the inside.

  • Reading, intelligence and independence are all super sexy.


  • Stealing is bad.

  • Tigers make pretty rad pets.

  • Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, you’re a goddamn princess.

  • Traveling the world can be life changing.


  • Never take nature for granted.

  • Grandmothers are very wise, even in tree form.

  • Follow your heart and remember you’re never too old to have fun.

  • Don’t lose hope, something’s always waiting “just around the river bend.”

  • Sometimes analyzing your dreams can be very beneficial.

  • Walking in the footsteps of a stranger can be an excellent learning opportunity.


  • Family comes first.

  • Women are just as strong as men.

  • “Let’s Get Down To Business” is an excellent work motto.

  • You don’t need to be “quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refined, poised or punctual” … you just need to be yourself.

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