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4 Steps to Conquering Your Career Fears and Getting What You Want in Life

4 Steps to Conquering Your Career Fears and Getting What You Want in Life

by spainops
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“Nothing is in stone.” I remember seeing this quote in my therapist’s office some 20 years ago. These words were actually engraved into a smooth rock. I gasped when I read those words at the time. What I remember the most is that I loved the concept that “nothing is in stone” and found immediate relief from adopting this newfound approach.

 So, when I received a call from a recruiter who literally quit his job this morning because he was sick to his stomach—he simply couldn’t go into work another day because of the circumstances—I remembered the stone with the quote.

I know that many professionals out there are filled with heartache about where they are in life. Some are just sticking it out but trying to stay under the radar. Some have given up and simply quit. And some folks are taking serious action to get to the next chapter of their life.

I would like to address the folks who are courageous enough to get off the bleachers to take action and change their current plight, as well as the folks who are merely thinking about it, mulling over the possibilities.

Beginning with Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Success Formula (yes, he was my guru from the early ’90s), I learned that successful people use this formula consciously or unconsciously. In fact, I became acquainted with Tony’s lessons during a period in my life when I was experiencing a tremendous amount of adversity—not just in my career, but on a personal level.

Back in the early ’90s, I set out on a mission to find a way to empower myself through the adversity in my life, and beyond that to face my fears. With four kids at my hip, I became a student of Tony Robbins whose programs produced a paradigm shift for me—on every level. Not only did I walk over 40 feet of burning coals only two weeks after giving birth to my fourth child, I also jumped off of a telephone pole (safety straps and all) like a newly-freed bird that was fighting for her life. By no means am I suggesting that you do any of this crazy stuff.

When I look back, I was simply trying to rebuild confidence and hope when there seemed like none existed. In the most of desperate of times, I tried some pretty outrageous things to prove to myself that anything was possible.

Yes,  I “drank the Tony Robbins juice” with active passion, and it worked. At the same time, I know these physical metaphors were used to give me the confidence to find a way out. The question that I had to ask myself was if I could walk on burning coals or jump off a telephone pole, what else could I be possibly do in my life?

A (Simplistic) Ultimate Success Formula

I’m deeply grateful for taking those challenges and applying every ounce of determination to get to where I am today. With all that said, here is the simplistic version of the Ultimate Success Formula for you to reflect on while wondering if there is a way out for you.

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