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6 Unconventional Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Small Business

6 Unconventional Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Small Business

by spainops
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If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the results you’ve always gotten. So if you really want to grow your leads, why not change things up by throwing something unconventional into the mix?

That’s why we asked six entrepreneurs from FounderSociety the following question:

Q. What’s an unconventional way to generate more leads for my small business?

1. Tell Everyone in Your Network About Your Work

Sometimes, it’s easy to assume that our friends know and understand what we do. Every few months, send an email to your network and/or post something on Facebook or Twitter. Let people know who you are, what services you offer, and how you can help them. If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, be sure to claim and keep up with/cultivate your presence on social review sites like Yelp etc. Leveraging customer reviews is a powerful way to attract new business. —Uchechi Kalu JacobsonLinking Arts Web Design & Development

2. Create Segmented Email Lists

It’s important to track what it was that made a potential customer want to give you their email address. Focus your efforts on email marketing by growing your segmented and curated email lists. I recommend a cool little app called GetProspects.io. It helps you find leads based on a set criteria, then you can quickly test it using various marketing techniques. You’ll find out if the target you have in mind works or doesn’t. —Arry YuGiftStarter.com

3. Advertise With a QR Code

Do you have a presence on social media? Why not advertise that with QR codes posted in public places like bus stops, billboard ads, shopping centers, and even your own physical storefront? You might be surprised how many curious prospects you attract—and how many people stick with you afterward. This is especially valuable for when you’re running a contest or giveaway. —Steven BuchwaldBuchwald & Associates

4. Increase Your Customer Repurchase Rate and Referrals

One great way to get more leads is to start with your current client base. Are there other services they may need? Where are they now versus when they first started with your company? How can you help them get where they need to be? Another great way is to increase referrals from your current client base. Word-of-mouth marketing is like wildfire and is a very easy way to grow your leads. —Angela DelmedicoElev8 Consulting Group

5. Find Out Who Your Complements Are

Every kind of product or service has competitors and complements. Complementary products are those that customers need besides yours. Think ink and printers. If you can partner with a complementary company ethically and easily, that’s great. If not, seek out their customer lists and advertising locations. There are customers that you can help there too! —Tony BantaVenture Greatly, LLC

6. Hold Contests Using Video

At Aligned Signs, we love doing contests because they are fun for our followers, inform our audience while engaging them, and grow our reach. We try to do contests that incorporate a video we have created, as video posts get a significantly greater organic reach than photo posts. —Jessica BakerAligned Signs

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