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Best Small Business Ideas for Students in 2017

Best Small Business Ideas for Students in 2017

by Manuela
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The following are some useful jobs for college students or college graduates who want to earn money by starting a small business with little or no investment.

(Newswire.net — July 5, 2017) — It is no secret that college students struggle to find jobs. Graduate students have a hard time these days obtaining a good job that pays enough money to cover their expenses. The following are some useful jobs for college graduates or college students who want to earn some money by starting a small business with litlle or no investment.

These small business ideas will work well for college students and deliver possitive benefits of practical business experience for their future. The following five small business ideas for students will help students earn enough money with little or no investment. 

Small business ideas for students

1. Private Tutoring

The best business for students is tutoring, Students should consider tutor other students, according to your subject expertise. It is a highly beneficial oportunity seems you do not need any money investment to start this small business. There are many parents looking for bright students who can tutor their children at home, school, college, etc. A great benefit of this business is once your tutoring takes off then you can target markets which are in high in demand.

You can build your tutoring job by contacting your circle of friends, family, teachers, colleagues, etc.

2. House and Apartment Cleaning

Another good small business opportunity for college students with little investment is a cleaning service business.  You can clean houses and apartments near campus or near where you live. An advantage of a cleaning business is, it will cost you very little to get started. You will need some cleaning equipment and supplies, you can also ask your customers to provide their own products. If your cleaning business goes well you can also hire some friends or other students and expand your business to the commercial level.

3. Selling/transportation/delivery

There are several corporations or small companies looking for private delivery men and women or salesmen to deliver and sell their products. Students are always a good fit for this business, as it does not require any investment and selling products or working delivery and transportation is a good way to earn money. 

In you have your own means of transportation, you could consider a delivery or transportation business, though you may hire a vehicle to perform the task. In other case selling product in the market is the fine job or business for students. You will need to carry services and products provide by the company and sell out services and products. These products may vary from cosmetics, electronics, home improvement, e-cigarette or e-juices and much more.

4. Personal Training

If you are healthy, fit and expeirenced in specific excercise methods, you could consider a personal training business. You would need to know fitness tips, tricks, and how to maintain a balanced diet, incorporated with a regular exercise routine which will help your clients become fit and lose excess weight.  If you are expierenced in yoga you could start a yoga class in the early morning and also deliver a proper diet plan for your students. You could also earn extra cash if someone wanted you to teach a private or group yoga class.

5. Child care

Do you love kids? Then try a private babysitting business on your end. This business is the best fit for girls and for those who want some part time job. There are many colleges offer listing sites to connect those students who are interested in the child taking care and babysitting chances. You may find many trusted referrals there, or you can contact to friend’s families, neighbors, teachers, etc

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