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Build a digital marketing strategy for your business

Build a digital marketing strategy for your business

by Manuela
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You should have a solid foundation in digital marketing regardless of where you work. But, let’s be real, who has time to get another degree while working 50+ hour weeks? 

Consider picking up The Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle instead. Normally more than $800, this set of courses is on sale for less than $40 and will fill your brain with a host of useful skills that could give your career a welcome boost in 2018.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

1. How To Make Your First Dollar With Affiliate Marketing

The first sale is always the hardest part of any new venture. Learn how to find affiliate offers, write effective ads, and use different advertising platforms. It’s the perfect primer course in affiliate marketing.

2. Content Curation: How to Create a Viral Site from Scratch

The Internet marketing dream is to have your project go viral. With this Content Curation course, you’ll take a look at sites like ViralNova and GodVine that generate over six figures per month and often sell for millions of dollars. The secret is that these sites don’t really do anything new, but they know how to follow a proven formula.

3. Search Engine Optimization For Affiliate Marketers

The phrase “SEO” will pop up a lot in your life as a marketer. It does not have to be something to fear because SEO is actually really simple. This guide will walk you through the basics in about an hour.

4. Email Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

If you want to be an email marketing pro, you will need to make an email list at some point. The problem is that tools constantly evolve and the information on them can be overwhelming. In this 90-minute course, learn about the startup tools you need to make a simple, scalable, and sustainable push button empire.

5. Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketers 

Obviously, you need to know how to create an effective advertising campaign on Facebook if you want to be competitive in any industry. The platform offers unprecedented ability to target customers at the most specific levels. But you need to learn how to scale, which is where this hour-long course will help.

6. The Complete Guide To Paid Traffic Sources

Do you know the number one reason why most online marketers fail? This course will tell you. Learn the optimal structure for a sales funnel using paid traffic, discover the importance of split-testing offers, and ensure success with any traffic source in this two-hour class. 

7. SEO Affiliate Domination

Okay, so you know the basics of SEO. But do you know how to earn hundreds of dollars each day while working from anywhere? The course in SEO Affiliate Domination will teach you strategies for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, SEO, brand authority, and video marketing. If you dream of a remote lifestyle, this course will show you how to make it a reality.

8. How To Make Consistent Commissions Affiliate Launchjacking

One of the most robust courses in the bundle, this Bootcamp will give you a solid understanding of affiliate marketing. After getting through its five hours of content and 59 lectures, you’ll be able to write and a/b test effective ads, and you’ll understand how to pick offers to promote. 

You can snag this awesome bundle in the Mashable Shop while it’s on sale for $39 — a 95% discount.

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