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Can Quick Riches be Made With an Internet Business?

Can Quick Riches be Made With an Internet Business?

by Manuela
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We have all seen the promises in various Ads and on websites of earning $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 in the first 24hours, 48hours, 7days or one month etc: by joining this or that business program. These types of headlines, keep on bouncing out at us from almost every second website it seems, even if we have only spent a little time on the internet researching for ideas on starting a business. The old saying of “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” should send the alarm bells ringing, yet every day more and more people fall for one of these promises, most innocently, believing that such money can be made online almost instantly or in very short periods of time.

The people who market these types of “make fast cash” programs are very good in the way they do there marketing and are for that reason very convincing and very believable. So it is very easy to believe all the hype that they are spinning and to buy into whatever they are promoting as the quickest way of making money online, “especially” if you have no experience in running a business. Sadly people keep buying into these programs, one after the other, still believing the hype and hoping that they will find a program eventually that will live up to it’s promise of quick riches which will deliver. Often people keep on searching for “the business” that will lead to “quick riches” till eventually they become disillusioned and then give up completely.

The statistics show that of all those who come online with the desire of starting a business, that 90 to 95% of them will fail and probably a large percentage of those have failed because they believed that it was possible to make “quick riches” on the internet, with very little effort required on there part.

Reality and using some common sense should safe guard people from such schemes. Starting a business online is no different to starting any other business. There simply is no quick way to riches with any business, even online. A new business needs a lot of planning and then work. Do this properly, stay focused on the goals and be prepared to invest some capital and the results desired will come soon enough.

There are also many people who believe a business online can be started without capital. It can be done, but there are expenses such as domain names and web hosting that still have to be paid for. The reality of a so called “no capital” startup, is that, it is more difficult to succeed and the business will take far longer before it reaches the stage of becoming profitable. To start a business online without capital will require very careful planning and many days and months of working long hours as one would be doing absolutely everything themselves. This often, also means side tracking to learn many new skills that are required for the many functions of a successful online business.

To give yourself a good chance of being successful in business online, stay away from those promising “quick riches”, be prepared to invest some capital and if possible, it is also of some advantage find someone to help who can prove there own success in business online, who is prepared to guide your own efforts.

Roger Shirley

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