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Multiple Home-Based Businesses

Multiple Home-Based Businesses

by Manuela
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How many times have you seen ads on the internet which encourage you to start your own home business? For that matter, how many times have you wanted to do just that – run a business from your home and stop going into the office or the where to punch the clock?

This is America. And America is the land where anyone can succeed if only he or she is properly motivated. Home businesses are real and they can be made to work. After all, Henry Ford built his first model A in his brick shed at home. If Henry could do it, so can you. One wonders, however, if Ford tinkered in his shed because he had dreams of becoming a mega-tycoon or if he simply liked to tinker. Maybe in another world on another day we shall ask him. But now is the present (a gift for us today) and we must deal with our own foresight and not Henry's hindsight. We find ourselves in the early stages of home business start-up. It is an exciting time and it is a confusing and stressful time. At moments we think it would be easier to walk across the freeway at rush hour and at times we feel the joy of small achievements.

We want to share two or three issues that we have uncoached and which have nothing to do with the forest of offers that are to be found on the internet. These are simply issues that have become appropriate to us and fall under the category of "reality check".

The "Millionaire in Four Hours" concept is probably not going to happen. There is a line of thinking that equates a home business with a simple and single business. This concept suggests that you can make a lot of money with little or no effort in a just a few hours day. Perhaps this so in some strange and hidden way, but it seems to be eluding us. What we have found is that, although home internet based business are most certainly real, they are either simple nor fonts of wealth. They are just what you might expect: they are small home businesses. We have learned that the vast majority of these home-based businesses will not provide sufficient income to provide you with a living in a very short time.

It may take several start-up businesses to generate real money as a block. If you need $ 6000.00 / month, it may take three businesses to generate the total. That's not such a bad thing, however, since it gives you a diversified "portfolio" and, in such diversity, you will find stability. Tomorrowmore, if you get them all going, you will have the luxury of deciding which ones you wish to continue and really focus on for future development. On the other hand, if you only need a modest income from your home business, perhaps just one or two is insufficient.

Then there is the issue of confusion. We have been developing several business lines concurrently and have found that we have days of utter confusion. It is very easy to become lost in the clouds and fog of details with the entire array of businesses and to become discouraged and frustrated. It becomes very easy to feel like you are accomplishing nothing at all for an day day when you run around doing bits and pieces with several businesses. We have found that we need to set out a block of time, such as an entire morning, and work exclusively on one business until a major task such as launching an AdWords campaign has been finished. That way, even if the afternoon becomes a shambles, we can get to the end of the day look back with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Another issue is the feeling of loneliness. If you are sitting in your home office (kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or wherever) working away on ads and websites, you can become isolated very quickly. It really fosters a feeling of "not so very good" and encourages a tendency to jump from item to item. It is important that your start-up businesses provide you with mentoring services. Do try to find start-up businesses which will provide a live person you can talk with.

Oh, and one final word … You will likely find that you were making more money in the job you just left or the job which has just left you than you are at the beginning of your home-based business. We have scaled back our living for a while in consideration of this. The moral here is this: you must take a long view of home business. It works and you will succeed but you will need to give it time and effort.

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