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Organization ideas and tips on how to become clutter-free

Organization ideas and tips on how to become clutter-free

by Manuela
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If you’ve resolved to consolidate your clutter and get your home organized, then we can help you out with that. Here’s how you can organize your house, room by room. 

Organize your living room

Keep this common area clean and clutter free with some smart organization solutions.

Having a home for the remote is the first step in guarding against losing it. This tiny organizer holds up to six different remotes so now you have no excuse to lose them again.

If you’ve run out of room on your coffee table, then you might want to decorate with these shelves. You can fit books and small appliances into these aesthetically-pleasing four-tier shelves, and use the wooden drawers for unsightly items like computer chargers and headphones.

Of course, if you don’t need full-blown shelves, then an ottoman can be great as multi use storage. Not only does this offer a bit more storage for books and shoes and things, but it also makes for a nice stool in case you need a few more seats in the room.

Organize your kitchen

A well-planned kitchen can help you create a space where you’ll actually want to cook.

Sure, you could stack all of your pans flat on top of each other, but if you need a specific one in the middle of the pile, then pulling it out would be like pulling Excalibur out of the stone. This rack keeps all of your pans separated so you can easily slide one out when you need it.

This three-level shelf works on wheels and slides in between thin spaces so you can get the most out of your kitchen space — like in that weird gap next to the fridge. It also comes as a five-tier version.

If fridge space is at a premium, then these bins can help. 

It’s not really a kitchen if you don’t have a spice rack. This rotating rack includes 16 bottles with chrome lids and has labels so you can easily pick out the ones you need.

A set of measuring cups can usually stack into each other to free up some space, but we can do better than that. These cups can fold into themselves and flatten out so you can get even more space in your pantry.

Organize your basement

Basements have long become a dumping ground for junk. Get smarter about how you store these out-of-the-way items and keep your washroom neat and organized in the process.

This shelving system can hold up to 600 pounds and as many as 12 Bin Warehouse brand bins. It’s great for holding some of your junk in a compact space.

This hook rack isn’t for coats, but it can be used for your brooms and mops. Each hook can hold up to about seven pounds and are fully adjustable to fit any size handle.

This kit from the Container Store features stackable laundry hampers, an accordion drying rack, and a FlipFold laundry folder to fold up your clean clothes. 

Organize your bathroom

Stop chucking everything under the sink and get smart about how you store groom tools, bath products, sanitary supplies, and more.

Keep counters free from clutter with this storage chest. It has special compartments for hair dryers and curling irons, and even a few sections and a drawer to fit soaps and gels in one place. 

If you’re the kind of person who piles all of their towels in one place, then you might want to consider a small upgrade. This towel rack includes five hooks, a towel bar, and a folding overhead shelf to expand your towel placement.

It’s time your shower caddy got an upgrade. The shelves on this one can slide around to accommodate any size bottles, and it can be adjusted to fit around your shower head.  

You’ve probably got plenty of spray bottles and cleansers haphazardly scattered under your sink. This versatile organizer adds shelves with adjustable heights along with sliding and removable panels to fit your needs.

Minutes are precious when you’re getting ready in the morning. Don’t waste them digging around for stuff. Use these drawer partitions to keep like-items together, so you can stop fumbling around for a comb or nail file.

Organize your closet

Whether you have a tiny closet space with room for a few clothes or an entire walk-in wardrobe, keeping it organized can create a sense of wellbeing and calm throughout your home. Here’s what you’ll need.

If your clothes are piling up on the floor, then dust them off and put them in this five-pocket hanging shelf. It even has mesh pockets on the side to put away smaller things like socks. You can get one with five shelves or one with six.

If you’re looking for a more classic closet feel, then this rod closet has plenty of spaces for shirts and pants, as well as a few shelves for bags and shoes so that all of your apparel can stay in one place. 

Your shoes deserve a home all on their own, and this 10-shelf shoe rack that can fit about 30 pairs. It even has wheels so you can move it as needed.

For smaller garments like underwear or socks, this compartmentalized drawer is a great way to stay organized as a glance. This set comes with four bins in varying sizes so you can customize your space.

Keep necklaces from tangling and earrings from getting lost with a jewelry organizer. This one is compact and has three shelves that slide out easily.

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