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Sundown Rundown hears unique business ideas | Business News

Sundown Rundown hears unique business ideas | Business News

by spainops
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MANSFIELD — Ingenuity and creative problem-solving were on display at the Sundown Rundown Wednesday evening at Old Bag of Nails.

Four presentations were made in an effort to draw investments, participation, funding and attention to the very distinct projects.

Musician Brandyn Armstrong pitched his Studio Stick company, which has gained the attention of rapper Fifty Cent and Scott Page, the original saxophonist for Pink Floyd.

Armstrong developed a portable recording system using a smart phone to produce high-quality audio recordings. He is a recent recipient of a $25,000 start-up grant from the LCCC Innovation Fund and he’s received notoriety in the music world. 

Armstrong plans to help musicians by creating portable studios which retail at $299, he said. His market could reach thousands of musicians who cannot afford a studio to record their music.

He also said he has a confidential celebrity who will endorse his project. He said he believes this endorsement will help make his sales this year boom. 

Lexington High School grad Dan Manger pitched his Root Car Insurance company. He said he has found a way to fix the car insurance issues people have every day.

“Sixty-eight percent of of people are overpaying for car insurance,” he said. “Car insurance is set prices by demographic: age, occupation, gender…

“Root is a way for good drivers to cut their current insurance rate in half.”

Manger asked the Rundown’s audience to download the app. The mobile phone app will learn about the individual’s driving habits over the course of three weeks using smartphones, GPS and location services. Then, after the three-week period, Root could offer the user a quote for their insurance.

“We set prices based off of how individuals drive,” he said of his Columbus-based operation.

it is a Tuscarawas County-based software startup which is working on a patient management and EMR platform for chiropractors and physical therapy practices. The team consists of a software developer, a chiropractor, and a physical therapist, so they really are “insiders” building a platform for their industry. 

Reed said their goal is to create a cloud-based management system that can ease the workflow of a therapist’s office.

“The problem is 90 percent of clients use decade-old software that create inefficient workflows,” he said. “With Chartbuilder, you can access it anywhere you have a browser: phone, tablet or computer.

“We have (human resources) and financial integration. Overall it is more efficient.”

Reed said the project is 75-percent complete.

Tim Lowe made the final pitch to the audience about his concept, Eco Energy.

The Mansfield company is using bio reformation technology to extract clean, usable Hydrogen (H2) from the organic materials in Municipal Solid Waste, while capturing their carbon content. So instead of sending waste material to a landfill, they are producing both H2 and electricity. The remaining materials are recycled and the water used in this process can be reclaimed for reuse. The process has acquired more than 20 patents, Lowe reported.

He said the company can be profitable by selling the hydrogen and recyclables as well as other things reformed from the Municipal Solid Waste. 

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