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Virtual Property Tycoon Instant No Cost Business Idea

Virtual Property Tycoon Instant No Cost Business Idea

by Manuela
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Did you know many classic books have no copyright? This means anyone can republish them and pocket the cash. It becomes Virtual Property income. That's mighty fine news as the credit crunch bites even harder. Let me explain the secret to this Virtual Property business phenomenon.

The Virtual Property Business Formula

Many of the greatest books ever written are in the public domain. Charles Dickens and the works of Shakespeare are two obvious examples. Another is HG Wells 'War Of The Worlds' book (recently made into a Hollywood blockbuster with Tom Cruise).

Anyone is allowed to source this sort of content from the public domain and re manufacture it into a more marketable modern format. In other words you create your very own virtual property.

You can then chop up the books and repackage them, possibly turn them into a home study series or a weekly release, or you can turn them into video seminars or member sites. You can even turn them into audio versions and have fancy packaging made up for them. To do that you would send the master copies to a printing a shipping company like Speaker Fulfillment Services. They will print up your "Classic Collection" and send them to anyone who buys.

Now you could sell this package yourself over and over again. All you have to do is set up a simple web site and sell the package repeatedly. This would be your own bit of prime virtual real estate. This could make you a killing.

Another option would be to "flip" the web site by adding value and selling it on. Just like buying a run down house, renovating it and selling it on, except this process involves virtual property and not actual 'bricks and mortar' property. You could sell one hundred licenses to this new product at five hundred dollars each.

Alternately you could list your package as a ready made business on eBay.com and create a bidding war!

Why would people pay you for this if they could do it themselves?

Because most people just do not know about this virtual property secret.

The Virtual Property Business Break Down

Here are the exact steps. This can be applied to any book that is in the public domain (as a general rule the books must be published before 1923 in America in order to be in the public domain).

Go to gutenberg.org and type in the name of the classic book or niche subject you wish to find a book on into the search box.

Tip: Download the plain text version and copy and paste that version into a text editing software like word.

Add your own images and jazz the books up a little.

Hire someone to read the books out from voice123.com or use the software at nextup.com

Send the books and audio to either speakerfullmentservices.com or disk.com

Set up a web site selling the printed products for one hundred dollars.

Now either sell the product yourself, sell licenses to the packages or "flip" the web site.

How cool is that? You can be in business in the next few days and it will not cost you a penny to get your hands on these books. Then just rinse and repeat with other authors and / or other niche products.

Can you see how profitable and easy this is? That's the type of virtual property secret budding entrepreneurs should be interested in.

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