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4 Aviation Startups You Can Start Right Now

4 Aviation Startups You Can Start Right Now

by Manuela
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The transportation industry is changing and it’s becoming a part of a gig economy with the rest of the business world. Car transportation has already experienced Uber, Lyft and others and now the same thing is going to happen to small planes. If you have one (and have a pilot’s license) you could change this rather expensive hobby into a lucrative and booming business.

The companies in this field are just getting started so anyone who tries it right away has a chance of dominating the market.

Uber for planes

The concept is simple – what Uber did for cars, your startup should do for private planes. The clientele will be different because not everyone could afford a private plane, but the app and the payment structure would remain the same. The biggest expense for this type of business is an airplane hangar to store the planes for those pilots who don’t have their own accommodations. These hangars could be pre-made so you don’t have to waste money and time on construction.

Renting to pilot schools

The fleet of planes could also generate passive income through renting. Piloting schools always need aircrafts of all types and sizes for practice. You can lend them yourself while you’re not using them and generate income per lesson or hour of use. Additional deals could be made in terms of maintenance or repair. These expenses could also be covered by the piloting school, leaving you with a little bit less money, but without any work or hustle required to make it.

A tour guide service

Well, this isn’t a work for everyone. It largely depends on where you live and how attractive your area is to tourist. A good location is a key to this business because it can work only if you live in an area that attracts tourists and looks great from above. If your aircraft hangar is also located here – there are no additional expenses in terms of fuel and storage costs. You might need to take some time and learn a bit out the history of the place you’re showing off, but the view will do most of the talking for you.

Ferry flying

The number of airplanes available for delivery jobs has dropped significantly in the last 20 years so there’s a market for this business. It’s important to note that these are longer and more difficult flight so they shouldn’t be left to inexperienced pilots. Only those who have more than 500 hours of flight logged should give it a shot. Some existing ferry flying companies will let you ride shotgun with an experienced pilot in order to build up your hours. It might be a good idea not to mention to them that they are creating their own competitors this way.

Aviation startups are definitely coming. They main goal is to find a service that can only be provided by a person with flying experience and equipment and use communication tech to make it available and convenient for the clients.

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