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The Best Business Ideas to Start Under 2K

The Best Business Ideas to Start Under 2K

by Manuela
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June 07, 2017 —

Bob Adams, who has started dozens of successful businesses usually with very little money and without any related experience, now shares his ideas for over 30 low-cost businesses in his free 17-minute video and accompanying article, The Best Business Ideas to Start Under 2k.

Most of these businesses are fairly easy to start such as Dog Walking, Lawn Service, Office Cleaning, Plant Watering and Personal Trainer. To get going with the Dog Walking business for example, Adams says all that is required is ?a good pair of shoes, some patience and a love for pups.” Yet the upside can be big: he mentions a friend who sold his dog walking business for $500,000.

Some of these businesses are creative such as Jewelry Designer, Freelance Writer, Chef for Hire and Interior Decorator. Adams explains that by making a few critical choices, interests and hobbies can be turned into successful businesses.

Does it take a lot of experience to start one of these businesses? Apparently not! Adams cites one his friends’ sons who started his chef for hire business at the age of 12 and continued it through high school.

Adams started his first business on a summer vacation from college: Bob’s Rent-A-Bike, Business Idea #22. To start a bicycle rental business, Adams suggests finding a popular bicycle trail nearby and then partnering with a local gas station to handle the transactions.

Adams also had a summer House Painting business, Business Idea #9. Adams says that while he had never painted a house before he started the business he had painted a few small boats and a couple of model trains and he figured ?how hard could it be?”

Other businesses that Adams recommends include: eBay Selling, Professional Organizer, Bartending Service, Personal Concierge, Event Organizer and even a Clown Service! Adams says that the money to be made as a clown is nothing to laugh at-he met a clown who charged $200 an hour. Most of the business tends to be on weekends for kids’ parties, making it an excellent part-time business. ?Put on a little clown make-up and blow up some balloons – that’s about all it takes to make a go of it,” says Adams.

What was the most fun business Adams ever had? That was the summer boat brokerage business his relatives referred to as ?Bobby’s Boat Yard.” Adams would buy used powerboats, clean them up, do minor repairs and then resell them – after he took them for a spin in the bay. Among his customers was the novelist Norman Mailer.

For even more business ideas to start, consider Adams’ longer article, The 300 Best Small Business Ideas, which he pruned from an initial list that was over twice as long.

While no business is a sure bet, some businesses can be very difficult to succeed at warns Adams, as he discusses in another video and article entitled The Best and Worst Businesses You Can Start. For example, he cites full-service restaurants and retail clothing stores as high-risk businesses. As alternatives, he suggests sandwich shops and vintage clothing stores.

?Forget about finding an exciting, novel idea for a new business. Totally new concepts are fraught with risk!” cautions Adams. Instead he suggests to find a new twist on an existing concept: that’s how to make money.

What business is Adams doing now? He is operating the website business he founded, BusinessTown.com, that offers over 700 free videos to help fellow entrepreneurs start and succeed in their own businesses.

About Bob Adams

Bob Adams is a serial entrepreneur who turned a $1500 investment into Adams Media Corporation, one of the largest independent book publishers in the US, before selling it to F+W for $40 million–a success that Adams hopes BusinessTown.com will help other entrepreneurs replicate. Adams has written numerous business books and holds a Harvard MBA.

About BusinessTown

BusinessTown.com is a how-to business website offering more than 700 free videos to help people start and run businesses.


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